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What exactly is a Market Style CSA?

Instead of us selecting your veggies for you, you get to shop at market each week and get exactly what you want!  Consider it a credit at our stand.  We keep track of your balance at market, so you always know what you’ve spent.  No need to show up every week to shop.  Looking for the best deal?  Split a share with a friend to get a higher percentage and we can keep track of your CSA’s separately, no problem.  When trying to decide which size share to purchase, consider the average per week that you spend on vegetables.  Ours Market Style Shares last 25 weeks.

I am sold out for 2020, thank you for your interest! Send me an email if you want to be added to my newsletter for future availability. 


Pint Size Share costs $300 - you get a $325 credit at the stand. 

Standard Size Share costs $500 - you get a $550 credit at the stand.

Shares start sometime in May and go for 25 weeks.

Convenience fee added for PayPal transactions, to avoid this, you can pay with a check.  Email link below. 

Shop for your share each week at:

Asheville City Market   Saturdays 8-12pm

Located on Market Street in downtown Asheville

Ready to sign up?  Please, email us to send a check or use the PayPal link below.  Please note there is a convenience fee added to the cost when you pay with PayPal. Feel free to call 828.236.1822 or email if you have any questions. 


The Details of a Market Style CSA

For the past six years, Ten Mile has offered something a little different, a Market Style CSA. Turns out our customer’s vegetable desires don’t all fit into one box!  We have been amazed at how diverse our members choices are.  Traditionally, a CSA share consists of pre-payment by members for a box of vegetables of the farmer’s choosing, provided each week throughout the season.  Instead, A Market Style CSA provides you with the ability to shop for your share each week.  Like all CSA’s, you pay in full for your share at the beginning of the season. In addition to your CSA investment, we add a percentage to your credit, based on the amount you invest (see above).  Once market starts, you have 25 weeks to spend your Market Style CSA share.  But, instead of us choosing the vegetables for you, you are able to pick and choose to your liking.  There is no obligation to how much or how little you spend each week. You also have the flexibility to shop at one or both of our markets each week, or even skip a week.  This gives you much more freedom, and time, to spend your share.  We keep track of the amount you spend, all you have to do is shop! 


Your CSA share is for the 2020 growing season, it will not transfer over into next year.  Your CSA is for a limited number of weeks, just like a CSA Box share.  We may begin market before your CSA begins and we may continue to go to market after your share has expired.  If you arrive late to market each week, there may be things that we have sold out of.  If you have schedule restraints, you might consider a weekly box instead.  Please be aware that there may be limitations placed on certain items at certain times of the year.  For example, if we only have twenty pounds of strawberries, you will not be able to purchase ten pounds.  We will limit you to a certain amount. Also consider the fact that our intention is to offer you a weekly share of vegetables, with some flexibility.  If you are not committed to coming each week, and might possibly miss a month or two worth of shopping, a CSA might not be for you.  We have decided to place a $50 limit per week for shopping. This is not meant to limit you as a customer, but to encourage you to come each week so that you don’t have more than you can spend left over at the end of the season. 

A Market Style CSA share is a great alternative if you find yourself giving away certain items from your share because you or your family don’t eat them.   Shop for what you want each week!


  1. BulletMarket Style CSA - shop for your share!

  2. BulletFlexibility - you aren’t required to show up every week

  3. BulletChoices - you are in control of what you get each week

  4. BulletNo weekly obligation - spend a little or a lot

  5. BulletTen Mile offers the most variety at market - lots to choose from

Quotes from CSA Members

“The chief of many things that we love about the Market Style CSA is that it allows us to be seasonal but retain a bit of control - instead of shaping our meals around a mystery box every week, we shape our market trip to our meals. A little more of this, a little less of that. It's a tab at the best place in town.”  - the Rule family

“When you look around the market you see a special stand that holds more colors and variety of fresh produce then any other. That's Ten Mile Farm! The market share works great for me and my family. We always get what we want in the quantity that is right for us! Thank you Ten Mile Farm!” - Sincerely, Emily Sansbury

“I love the CSA program you offer.  It allows me to hand-pick the vegetables based on my ever changing nutrition needs from week to week without me saying, "Ah, more kale again!  I'm getting burnt out on this stuff!".  This also allows me to see the most loving and friendly Kevin and Christina each week which helps develop a bond between farmer and consumer.  I thinks it's important to get to know the farmer on a personal level in order to get a feel for their energy that they knowingly or unknowingly pass onto the vegetables ... and their produce really shows the loving energy!  I'm extremely happy to support and build my body with nutrient-dense biodynamic produce.”  A very gracious consumer Benjamin


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