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We have a full time position and a part time position available (2-4days)

Seasonal Employment - Paid Employee

The position requires the physical and mental ability to contribute daily in a fast paced agricultural setting.  Farm work is an incredibly rewarding life experience, in a highly demanding work environment.  It is hot, sweaty, repetitive, back-breaking work for sometimes 13 hours a day.  Please consider this commitment before applying. 

We are located in Old Fort, NC.  We do not offer housing.

Job Description

Employees must be willing to assume all roles of the farmers.  Tasks will include but not be limited to: planting, watering, weeding, seeding, thinning, fertilizing, mowing, spraying, trellising, harvesting & washing.  We have one full time and one part time position available. 

  1. Full time position:  40hr + work week March-November - 2-3 day work week December-February.  This position has the potential to continue into next year for the right person. 

  2. Part time position:  3-4 days a week April-October (could start earlier and end later)

  3. Work days:  Monday - Friday

  4. Paid weekly, taxes are taken out and a W-2 provided at the end of the year

Qualifications for either position

  1. This position is for a hard working individual who has a serious commitment to farming

  2. Farm experience is a plus

  3. Be available to start around the beginning of March/April and must commit to staying at minimum through the end of October/November

  4. Reliable, hardworking individual who is able to follow directions and communicate well with others 

  5. Excellent people skills, initiative, and positive attitude are a plus

  6. The ability to complete tasks correctly, even when tired 

  7. Must enjoy repetitive tasks 

  8. The ability to sustain through hard physical labor, day in and day out 

  9. Strong hands, wrists and back are a must, and the ability to lift 50 pounds regularly is required 

  10. Expect to work outside in all weather conditions including rain, summer heat in the 90’s, and freezing temperatures 

  11. The ability to get along, play nice and possibly get over yourself and/or let things go- you are working side by side with the same people day in and day out.

Hiring process

Please fill out this online Employment Application.  This applications applies to both full and part time positions.  Once we’ve reviewed your application, we will contact you for a more in depth interview. 

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