A female owned and operated 

24 acre diversified vegetable and flower farm 

in the beautiful Crooked Creek township of Old Fort, NC. 

est. 2004

 Our approach to farming is a sustainable one. We use a combination of cover crops, beneficial insects, crop rotation and organic approved applications to grow our food. We believe strong soil grows strong plants, therefore we always invest organic nutrients back into the soil each season. We have no interest in applying anything toxic to our plants or our fields and we never use any chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

Currently providing wholesale delivery to restaurants in Asheville and suppling Foothills Food Hub with food for the people.  

Exciting new things in store this year!  U Pick flowers are in your future.  Maybe an honor system stand at the farm?  

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Our internships are for individuals who want to gain agricultural experience without a full-time commitment.  You will get to work side by side with the farmers and have many opportunities to learn about farming from a hands-on perspective.  Internships are a consistent, one day a week commitment. 


• Work consists of planting, weeding, seeding, watering, fertilizing, mowing, trellising, thinning, harvesting, pest control, & petting all the dogs and cats

• Two month minimum commitment

• Work a minimum of one full day a week

• Work days are Mondays or Thursdays

• Reliable transportation is needed - 30 minute drive from Asheville


• A financial stipend will be provided as well as a weekly supply of vegetables

• A monthly gas stipend will be provided to interns who are present each week, on time, and have a positive attitude 


Looking for reliable, responsible, hard working individuals who are able to follow directions and communicate well with others. Other arrangements may be considered, but a two month commitment is the minimum expected.  Preference will be given to applicants that can commit to an entire 6 month season.  A positive attitude, a desire to learn, and the ability to do repetitive tasks are necessary.  You must have the physical ability to work a full day using your hands, wrists, knees and back continuously. Expect to work in all weather conditions including rain, summer heat in the 90’s and freezing temperatures.  No experience in farming is required.  However, it is required interns have a desire to learn about small-scale agriculture and possess the ability to enjoy hard, physical labor.

Hiring Process

Please fill out this online Internship Application.  If your qualifications meet our standards we will contact you for a phone interview. 

apply for internship here!


Two part time positions available.  2 full work days, 3 days for the right person

The position requires the physical and mental ability to contribute daily in a fast paced agricultural setting. Farm work is an incredibly rewarding life experience, in a highly demanding work environment. It is hot, sweaty, repetitive, back-breaking work for sometimes 13 hours a day. Please consider this commitment before applying. 

Job Description

Employees must be willing to assume all roles of the farmer.  Tasks will include but not be limited to: planting, watering, weeding, seeding, thinning, fertilizing, mowing, petting all the dogs and cats, spraying, trellising, harvesting & washing, deliveries, possibly some saturdays.

• Paid weekly, taxes are taken out and a W-2 provided at the end of the year

• 2 positions available, hours vary at the beginning and end of the season

• Work days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - can be any combination of two days

• Compensation based on experience

• All workers and interns have access to weekly veggies and flowers for your household


• This position is for a hard working individual who has a serious commitment to farming

• Farm experience is a plus

• Be available to commit to staying through the end of October/November

• Reliable, hardworking individual who is able to follow directions and communicate well with others 

• Excellent people skills, initiative, and positive attitude are a plus

• The ability to complete tasks correctly, even when tired 

• Must enjoy repetitive tasks 

• The ability to sustain through hard physical labor, day in and day out 

• Strong hands, wrists and back are a must, and the ability to lift 50 pounds regularly is required 

• Expect to work outside in all weather conditions including rain, summer heat in the 90’s, and freezing temperatures 

• The ability to get along, play nice and possibly get over yourself and/or let things go- you are working side by side with the same people day in and day out

Hiring Process

Please fill out this online application, I will give you a call for a more detailed interview.  

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